express retouch $35
root touch up $45
root smudge $55
roots to ends $60
gloss | conditioning treatment $20
men's color $20|$35
add on blow out
(combined with services above)
blow out
(wash included)
style only
(arrive with dry clean hair)


-automatically billed 1st of each month-
-3 month minimum-
-10% off all products-
-suspend or cancelled at anytime-
-additional services at discounted price-
2 root touch ups $70
2 root touch ups with blowouts $130
2 blowouts $70
4 blowouts $130
6 blowouts $180


-expires 1 year from date of purchase-
4 root touch ups $170
10 root touch ups $320
4 blowouts $170
8 blowouts $280


description of services


blow out

a lavishing wash, professional blow dry, and fabulous style of your choice to create the exact look you want!

style only

let us style your already washed & dried hair and give you a fabulous hair day.

conditioning treatment

nourish and hydrate your dry, weak, or damaged hair and make your dream hair happen.  we will wash your hair and then wash it again to remove all product buildup and open up hair cuticles for extra deep conditioning, then we will massage the treatment into your hair and skelp. get pampered and enjoy gorgeous results.


applying a hair gloss between hair dyeing is a great way to ensure your color will last and won’t fade unevenly. maintain a vibrant hue, add depth, change the tone, or simply add a high shine finish to your hair.

express touch up

get the perfect amount of product to cover your hairline and part. we make it a quick and convenient way to revamp your roots in between root touch ups. 10 minute processing full coverage color. get pampered & out the door in 30 minutes.

root touch up

let us cover those dreaded roots and help hold you over between full colorings.  we will match the color of your hair and cover roots and grays. price includes a maximum of 1 inch of grow out.

roots to ends

get the shade of hair you have always wanted. all-over color is a one-step process that colors your hair with a single shade for an all-over change or simply to cover those troublesome grays.

root smudge

our professional colorist uses a brush to ‘smudge’ color at your roots to naturally blend the harsh root line. this technique can be done on most hair colors/tones and is a great way to refresh your color.

men's color

let our colorists completely cover your gray hair or apply just the right amount of color to blend your grays for a completely natural look.

men's beard

we will color match your beard to your hair color and cover those obvious grays.

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